February 18, 2012

appreciate things you have.

that awesome moment when you are in a car with your friends or family,listening to the radio.
everybody in your car sing -along,then traffic light merah.your car berhenti but the radio still on,and you guys keep singing.
then tengok kereta sebelah,there's a couple,also tengah seronok sing along together without pandang kiri kanan.
then you look at their mouth and.... bang! they sing the same song with you guys.yeah,we sing along.
then, semua orang dalam kereta pandang kat depa,and depa buat don't je sebab seronok menyanyi jugak.
then you just staring at them,tapi depa still tak perasan juga.
then lampu hijau,that car meluncur laju,and the awesome moment just gone.

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