November 14, 2010

class party 12-11-10 oh yeah !

>hey ya ! how's your day ? getting much better i hope. haih.i'm going to class party yesterday.quite interesting.boleh laa.planning last minute.but everything's berjalan dengan lancar.alhamdullilah~actually last minute pun,so we don't have any game .we're just come,eat,taking pictures.and ouh,tak lupa.we're changing presents.even ini je pun 1 activity yang kami buat.but it's fun.1 kelas ade.we're eating chicken chop.nah,itu je.okay,1 only.then,dapat bungkus nasi goreng sorang satu.okay what.bukan nye nak makan sangat pun kan.tapi memang best lah.thx untuk cikgu,sporting jugak.ok lah.we're wearing t-shirt kelas.cikgu pun same. :)) semua orangeee je dalam tu.and everybodies sibuk amik gambar.ahaha. ok lah.nothing much to say,i loveeee that day.and i hope that we can do it again,ouh,btw,my guru kelas will be going off to Indonesia, following her husband yang kerja sana. 1 year die takde.she's gonna be fully housewife there :)) here are some pictures at our class party :)

ahaha :))

classmate :))

excited getting the present :))

this all the present.letak number then kite main macam lucky draw lah :))

my friends and I :))

best day ever!semua pakai t-shirt yang sama. :))