December 30, 2011

my pray always with you

semua tengah sibuk. musim kembali ke sekolah sudah kembali.well,aku rileks sebab aku dah tak sekolah.haha.
okay,last tuesday,finally,I went to post office, post this parcel to carolin,my ex-classmate.

tak besar sangat,it just a simple present from us.

there she is.
just celebrated her first christmas,after a year,berpisah with her family.

p/s : i supposed to give this to her,after trial spm,then now sampai habis spm.
well,dah pos pun. less than 2 will have this,carolin.
hoping the best for you,good luck for your upcoming exams,and every single thing you do in your life.
hope you live happily with ur family,relatives,and boyfriend.oohh,she  have a boyfriend ady. 
enjoy your life,and hope we will meet again.
we miss you.

your ex-class monitor.

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