October 23, 2011

failure is not dead end.

we're trying to be good,
but we're fail.
we're trying to be kind,
but we're fail.
we're trying to be happy,
but we're fail.

so,do we have to quit from trying?you think?the best is we keep on trying,success and failure are depends on you,how you make it,how you shape is you.most important is,you have hard you try?so,put in more effort in what you do,what you want,and what is important for your life.sharing is the master key of success,share your happiness,sadness,knowledge or everything,let people know you,your feeling,just let it out.say it out loud!people don't understand your act,your move.just say is the best will help me.and most important is,be yourself,know who you are,do everything in your own way.the way that you nice to others,be professional to settle problems.believe in yourself. 
 Pain makes you stronger. Tears makes you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser.
harder you try,success will be the answer.

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