July 10, 2011

this is malaysia for now.

did you know those BERSIH 2.0? ehh,sama macam bieber MY WORLD 2.0 .err,but why 2.0?explain memang kepoh gila tak boleh nak cakap.rasa macam tak percaya yang malaysia macam tu.biasa gua tengok kat tv negara-negara luar lain yang macam tuu.dan's in country.ya tuhan,sangat menakutkan.

pity those old man at 0:13-0:16.and the police started the violence.haah.shame on you.

I really felt embarrassed being a Malaysian at this point!!
They(Bersih) are just there sitting down and the Police started the chaos and so the Gov claims that they(Bersih) started the chaos.
Malaysian Police = Malaysian Legal/Licensed Gangster!
How do we(the rakyat) trust you Governments?!-youtube comment
i think you should read all the comments of this video on youtube.salute AlJazeera

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