July 03, 2011

talent is you.find it.

  okay just a short update here. i just want to share about a group of talented people.aku tak tahu macamana aku boleh jumpa lagu nie.and hey,this song is cathcy.rentak dia best.senang nak ingat.

kann ?
and ada orang reply untuk lagu ini.lagi aku eksaited nak

bestt kann?
and i think you should watch this videoo,

superb kann?tharwana nama dia.she had such a husky voice i think.nice nice.

so,what do you think.actually they are from bruneii.for me they are soooo talented.especially tharwana.macam dia miming pun ada.
err,heyy,did you recognise those blue boy in these do?you do?annoying sungguh bukan?but you what,he is 12 years old tak silap.but he can play guitar very well.and i think you should watch this video kot.he's also have a very nice voice.

err,is this short ?okay then.this is for now. ada masa,ada entry lagi mungkin.
24/7 rasa macam sungguh tak cukup atau mungkin aku yang tak hargai?
ok aku akan cuba hargai masa pula,InsyaAllah.Amin Ya Rabb.

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