May 20, 2010


16 may'10

wake up early,,coz nak g kfc,,saje 1klas,,ngn ckgu prac..

syi0k~0k larh,,

sbb ade yg x de,,kureng sket...

it started at 11a.m.,,i came at 12..

luckily,,when i came,,da f00d just arrived..=)

i went home early,,after they eatin',,they went t0 the store,,and takin' up picture,,shit!aq x de,,

argh~tgk gambar depe,,syi0k bet0l...jeles3,,

but n0w,,prac. teachers da x de,,


feelin' sad...

all da mem0ries i keep up in my mind n never 4get,,,

thnx t0 hanif mukhtar,,liyana hamid and azlan izuddin...4 being da best teachers ever,,

even 4 awhile,,

this r s0me pic wif prac..

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